Obton is an experienced player in funding, development and management of solar photovoltaic and wind turbine projects across Europe.
Our goal is a sustainable future through the means of renewables.  

+360 MW

of renewable capacity across Europe

€840 million

deployed into solar and wind

80 specialist


2016 annual report

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Selected Projects

Who we are

We are an investment company located in Denmark specialized in development, acquisition and management of assets within renewable energy - primarily solar and wind. In 2017 alone, Obton invested in PV-plants and wind turbines at a total cost of EUR 270 M making our investment portfolio exceed EUR 840 M.




We employ 80 specialists who share our core values of diligence, winning mentality, vigor and joy.The values infuse the acquisition and finance team at Obton and gives them the necessary foundation to initiate and execute the tasks at hand. The team consists of strong individuals that cultivates the mantra that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

How we do business

As a long-standing and significant player in the renewable energy sector, Obton enjoys a strong reputation as an experienced and trustworthy partner among banks, developers, EPC companies and renewable energy project owners.




Obton’s investment approach is built on the continuous screening of all relevant markets. The combination of our extensive network and strong presence in local markets attracts investment opportunity proposals every day.

Before running the numbers through our financial models, we verify the essential prerequisites, such as the amount of irradiation, financial terms, PPA (power purchase agreement), and feed-in tariffs.

Meet the team

Obton has 80 in-house specialist working with everything in the range of adminstration to management and procurement of solar and wind turbines. In the department concerning the procurement and financing of the renewable energy projects, Obton pride ourselves of having some of the industry's most competent and experienced team members. 


Fast, agile and result oriented


We offer our business partners an easy and short process from the initial contact to financial close. Our competencies and track record allow us to perform due diligence on promising assets in short time, ensuring an effective and satisfying process. At Obton, it is important for us to build value creating relationships and maintain our reputation as a competent and trustworthy partner, therefore our goal when negotiating agreements is to achieve an outcome that is beneficial to both ourselves and business partners.


The people behind the team

Obton corporate film

The film gives a sneak peak into the life of two Obton employees. Follow Rasmus and Marianne as they take you on a journey through their lifes on and off work. It is a film about Obton and the people behind and their commitment to the company's values.

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