Obton is an experienced player in funding, development and management of solar photovoltaic and wind turbine projects across Europe.
Our goal is a sustainable future through the means of renewables.  

+500 MW

of renewable capacity across Europe

+€1 billion

deployed into solar and wind

95 specialist


Selected Projects

Who we are

Obton is an investment and development company that targets land and rooftop owners, developers and financial institutions with the goal of building a broad and risk-diverse portfolio of assets in the field of renewable energy. Our expertise includes development, funding and management of solar and wind energy projects - primarily projects starting from EUR 10m for stable markets in Europe and North America.


At Obton, we work with long-term partnerships, both on the developer and financing side. We use our long-standing experience of solar and wind energy to find opportunities in both existing and new markets. Our wide experience has been built up through investments in turnkey projects as well as complex projects, such as the development of large-scale ground mounted PV systems and roof top PV systems in urban areas. We like to think that we are good at making the difficult simple.


Our expertise covers both the legal and the analytical aspects from development and construction through to the management of the parks.

How we do business

Obton invests predominantly in markets where there is a balanced relationship between return and risk. Our value set is not driven by speculation in short-term returns, but rather in long-term high-security projects that provide benefits for developers and owners, funding partners and investors.


We are constantly looking for interesting projects that can be included in our portfolio. We regularly screen options and new offers applying our standard investment model to test whether a project is interesting to pursue.

Meet the team

Obton has 80 in-house specialist working with everything in the range of adminstration to management and procurement of solar and wind turbines. In the department concerning the procurement and financing of the renewable energy projects, Obton pride ourselves of having some of the industry's most competent and experienced team members. 


Fast, agile and result oriented


We offer our business partners an easy and short process from the initial contact to financial close. Our competencies and track record allow us to perform due diligence on promising assets in short time, ensuring an effective and satisfying process. At Obton, it is important for us to build value creating relationships and maintain our reputation as a competent and trustworthy partner, therefore our goal when negotiating agreements is to achieve an outcome that is beneficial to both ourselves and business partners.


The people behind the team

Obton corporate film

The film gives a sneak peak into the life of two Obton employees. Follow Rasmus and Marianne as they take you on a journey through their lifes on and off work. It is a film about Obton and the people behind and their commitment to the company's values.

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