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How a trade war is boosting solar energy in Europe

13. December 2018While China and the USA exchange blows in a tit for tat trade war, the real winners of the conflict may be found beyond these countries. European solar PV developers and European consumers both stand to benefit from the trade w...

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How earthquakes are changing the Dutch energy system

06. December 2018For more than 50 years, the Netherlands has been blessed by its enormous natural gas reserves. But recent events have shown the Dutch that cheap and abundant energy can also come at a price. Trade attaché at the Embassy of Denm...

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Renewables: How the Dutch can meet its impossible targets

06. December 2018The Netherlands is undertaking the enormous task of transforming its energy system. Historically, the Dutch have relied heavily on their gas reserves, but with natural deposits dwindling, the country is looking to renewable ene...


What EU’s new renewable target will mean for solar energy

04. December 2018The EU has adopted a new 32% target for renewable energy by 2030. This new ambitious target is likely to boost solar deployment even further in European member states, predicts our expert.

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Beyond subsidies - the future of the European solar PV market

02. October 2018Though moving at wildly different speeds, the European markets for solar PVs are gradually shifting away from subsidies to market-based pricing, as the cost of solar energy has been dramatically reduced in the past years. Here,...

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How to develop successful solar PV projects – a brief check list

13. September 2018There are numerous hurdles and pitfalls for a solar photovoltaic project to make it from the idea stage to a fully operational facility. By doing your homework, you minimize the risk of unpleasant – and costly – surprises, advi...

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Common (and costly) sources of PV yield loss – and how to avoid them

06. August 2018Even relatively minor inefficiencies in a PV plant can result in substantial yield loss. We offer a few tips on how to keep your facility running smoothly.


Why you should care about cleaning your solar PV array

10. July 2018Keeping a solar photovoltaic (PV) array clean of dust, dirt and debris is not as easy as it may sound. Deciding when and how often to clean them is something of an art form. Our expert in the field shares his secrets.


Acquisition of independent power producer Coruscant serves as a catalyst for Obton’s growth ambitions for a further 100-200 MWp in France

29. November 2017Last week, Obton announced its acquisition of French independent power producer Coruscant. The deal involves the acquisition of 30 MWp solar projects in operation, while another 20 MWp are under construction. The acquisition is...


Obton, Ambassador, King's Commissioner and Mayor inaugurate 14 MWp solarpark in the Netherlands

20. November 2017Once completed, the solar park will consist of 117.000 modules supplying electricity to nearly 3.000 households. The inauguration ceremony on the construction site marks the culmination of a dedicated effort from Obton and the ...