In which phases can Obton take part?


Obton is a first-mover in the development of projects. Obton typically secures the project rights through bidding rounds conducted by national governments or in connection with a sales process. Obton supervises the project; collecting bids and concluding agreements with subcontractors and suppliers. A contract is also concluded with an experienced contractor to guarantee professional and timely project execution.



In this phase, Obton typically enters into a partnership with a developer in need of the necessary starting capital for the construction of a solar PV system or wind turbine. Obton contributes as a capital investor and takes over ownership of the project upon satisfactory completion.



Turnkey projects involve the purchase of solar or wind projects that Obton takes over immediately after the completion of the project.

Obton’s streamlined and flexible organisational structure ensures a relatively rapid process of signing agreements with the seller of the project, and a binding project agreement can be concluded relatively quickly.



Obton is often offered projects in the secondary market. Since production and general knowledge of the project are already established, this represents a solid and predictable investment area.